Letting Go of Things

What is value? What do you value? Why do you value it? As Erika and I transition to the next phase in our lives, we have been challenged by these questions. During our eight comfortable years together, we did what most people do – we accumulated things, many things. Our closets were full of wonderful clothing, our kitchen counters covered with cooking conveniences, our garage … Continue reading Letting Go of Things


The ‘Official’ Invitation (and life without a job).

Thrilled to report that Thomas and I received our formal invitation to serve with Peace Corps in Morocco, leaving for service on January 12th, 2015. The focus of our work is Youth Development. From reading our job description we learned that the King of Morocco (known in Morocco as the “King of the Poor”) has a deep commitment to helping the young people of his … Continue reading The ‘Official’ Invitation (and life without a job).