Out and About

Erika and I ventured out and about to explore the town. The weather, though overcast at times, was good for a long walk. We weren’t really looking for anything in particular; we just wanted to get out of the house. It was a day like any other day, complete with a runaway donkey.   We crested the hill behind the town and stopped to weigh our … Continue reading Out and About


The Food Issue

We have eaten some amazing Moroccan dishes over the last few weeks, and we finally started bringing a camera to meals to capture images of what we are enjoying.  Since we never know what will be served, we have also taken photos of the foods that were rather surprising to be served.  My dietary compromise of eating poultry but not meat meant I was (blessedly) … Continue reading The Food Issue

Reflections on Month One

I was thinking this morning about the small day-to-day experiences I have in Morocco that I haven’t yet shared, but that in many ways are more significant than my ramblings about chilblains, youth centers and learning Darija.  We have now lived in Morocco for more than a month, and when I reflect back on my time here so far, I can pinpoint many examples of how I am adapting really well … Continue reading Reflections on Month One

Our Fantastic Dar Chebab!

I thought I should give an update on what our CBT group has been doing at the local youth center—known in Morocco as a Dar (house) Chebab (youth).  Depending on the town or city one is in, a Dar Chebab can be either large or small, and the level of structured programs can vary from highly organized to quite informal.  The Dar Chebab in our town … Continue reading Our Fantastic Dar Chebab!

What ‘Cold’ Means to Me Now

Growing up in the US and Canada, cold was almost exclusively in context to the weather or temperature outside of homes or buildings.  “Boy, it’s cold out!” I might say as I entered someone’s house.  Or, “I wonder if it will stay cold like this all week.”  Spoiled Westerner that I am, I believed that the temperature inside a house was something that could (and … Continue reading What ‘Cold’ Means to Me Now