Enchanting Rabat!

Thomas and I arrived in Rabat on Saturday, after a slightly tearful goodbye with Lala Fatima and Zakia.  After a much needed long, hot shower, I went to see the newly opened Mohammed 6 Museum of Modern Art with my friends Esther, Noa and Alice.  While I enjoyed the current exhibit, Medieval Maroc, I favored the permanent collection, which left me very sated in terms of … Continue reading Enchanting Rabat!


Last Days of CBT

Today marks the start of our last week of community based training—only six days until we move away from the town we have called home for the past 2½ months.  I find my attachment to our current home falling away bit by bit.  While I have really enjoyed being in this community, today I do not feel a sense of sadness when I think about … Continue reading Last Days of CBT

The Great Trip South

Thomas and I returned yesterday from a five day trip to where we will live as of April 2nd.  The seven hour bus ride from the north to the south took us through the Atlas Mountains, oases, and areas that looked truly otherworldly.  Oh, how gorgeous and diverse the landscape of Morocco is! When we finally arrived in our town (along with a third trainee, … Continue reading The Great Trip South