Home at last!

We have now slept in our new apartment for two days.  We are greatly enjoying being in our own space, cooking our own food and learning how to live much more independently in Morocco than the initial 3½ months allowed.  The temperature in our town is heating up, with daily highs into the 90s, and I admit it already feels physically taxing at times.  Yet … Continue reading Home at last!


A Walk Through A Typical Moroccan Home

Since Erika and I are finally in our own home, I decided to write a post about a typical Moroccan home for the folks back in the US and Canada to give them some insight into the often subtle and sometimes profound differences we have noticed. Granted, we have only been here for about three months, so take this all with a grain of salt, … Continue reading A Walk Through A Typical Moroccan Home

Dar Dyalna, Our Home

For the first time in what seems like ages, we will finally have a place to call our own, our dar dyalna, our home. Though our home stays with Moroccan families have been incredible, there is nothing quite like having one’s own space. Ever since we left our jobs last summer, we have, more or less, been living out of suitcases. Above is the view … Continue reading Dar Dyalna, Our Home

Week One in Site

Today marks the end of our first week in our new town, and much has happened since we arrived last Friday.  As I may have mentioned in previous posts, we are staying with a host family for the month of April while we look for our own apartment.  We had the opportunity to see several apartments this week and there is one we both like … Continue reading Week One in Site

Swearing In

Oh, what a wonderful day!  This morning at 11:00am, Thomas and I, along with all the other trainees, recited the United States Oath of Allegiance and become real live Peace Corps volunteers!  The US Ambassador to Morocco, Ambassador Dwight L. Bush, and the Secretary of Morocco’s Department of Youth and Sport, both attended the service.  It was quite a lively event, with lots of hugs and congrats … Continue reading Swearing In