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Hodge-Podge Post One

What Hot Means to Me Now

Is it open? An informal guide to small Moroccan towns.

America has a demand economy. Not only is there is tremendous demand for new products, but we demand them immediately. In search of the almighty dollar, US business tends to neglect the humanity of people it employs. Morocco still maintains a somewhat relaxed attitude toward commerce, at least in rural settings. Though adjusting my American…

Thrifting In Morocco



The Blessed Barba (Beet)

Thomas and I were talking the other day about beets, man.  That’s right, beets.  Or barba, if you want to use Darija (but not to be confused with the amazing 1970s children’s book character, Barbapapa). Anyway, we were going on and on about how much we enjoy eating beets in Morocco (yes, we have time for these types of conversations…

Birthday In Morocco