Ramadan Update

It is day four of Ramadan, so Ramadan Mubarek to you all!  Thus far the experience of participating is rather different than I had expected, in large part because my energy level is at times way lower than I anticipated it would be.  The process of fasting from 3:30 AM until 7:30 PM means my sleeping schedule has shifted from getting a solid seven or eight … Continue reading Ramadan Update


Ramadan Approaches

The month of Ramadan starts on June 18th.  In recent weeks I have considered how I want to take part in this religious observance, which for many non-Muslims boils down to the subject of fasting: ‘To fast or not to fast, that is the question!’  As the start of Ramadan draws closer, it’s a subject that comes up often with fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, local Moroccan friends, … Continue reading Ramadan Approaches

Ksar Tayarza

A few days ago, I took another trip around the area to the old stomping ground of my friend, Slimane. Below are some images of Ksar Tayarza and surrounding area in which he grew up. This particular ksar is not as old as some of the others in the area, though it is still quite old. Unfortunately, much of it was damaged by flooding a number of … Continue reading Ksar Tayarza


Earlier this week I was invited by some women who attend my yoga and English classes at the Dar Taqafa (House of Culture) to help make chebakia, a traditional fried and honey-soaked cookie eaten during Ramadan.  The invitation was offered with the comment, “If you have time.  No problem if you don’t have time.”  I told the women who invited me, “I always have time for food” … Continue reading Chebakia!

Harvest Moon

Over the last week I have been on a Neil Young kick—for some reason his music feels to me like exactly the right music for late spring in SE Morocco.  Especially his Harvest Moon album (it is, after all, harvest season here). Last night at around 10pm, as I was closing the windows in our living room, I saw the full moon partly obscured by the clouds … Continue reading Harvest Moon


I was poking around the background of our blog/website and started looking at statistics. It was amazing to see we’ve had more than 7,000 views and more than 2,600 unique visitors since we began this project back in September, 2014. Plus, we totally rocked it on July 18th, apparently. (Click the images to see a larger version) As you can see on the right, the … Continue reading Statistics