A Mountain Drive

Sometimes, it’s nice to just get in a car and take a mountain drive. There’s nothing like the freedom to explore an area at one’s own pace, stopping at scenic viewpoints, lunching at an out of the way café, eating pomegranates while watching the sunset, or hanging out with shepherds watering their sheep. Unfortunately, Peace Corps has very strict rules prohibiting volunteers operating motor vehicles. So, what’s … Continue reading A Mountain Drive


Ksar El Kebir

In Northern Morocco, within the peninsula that juts north toward Spain, is a small city called Ksar el Kebir, Arabic (القصر الكبير) for “large fortress.” It is located among the rolling hills that lie before foothills of the Rif Mountains. Being inland, away from the sea, the city does not experience the same tourist traffic as nearby Larache or Asilah. Being in the plains and … Continue reading Ksar El Kebir

Tangier, Tanger, Tanja, طنجة

Tangier, Tanger, Tanja (طنجة), whatever you call it, is a city full of intrigue and secret histories, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. Yet, despite our investigation and openness to experience, it was much like every other large city. To be fair, the mystique was surely exaggerated in the first place. As a literature and history buff, it’s easy for me to fall … Continue reading Tangier, Tanger, Tanja, طنجة