Reason 742 Why I love Morocco

Reason 742 Why I love Morocco: It’s difficult to find an audience for complaining. The general consensus is “everything is as it should be.” The other day, it was 110°F/45°C. As I went about doing my errands suffering and complaining to locals about the temperature, every response was, “Thank God for the heat.” Advertisements Continue reading Reason 742 Why I love Morocco


Elemental Living

Being in a new environment, one that often challenges my previous ways of living and understanding of my life, I was trying to find a way to frame my thinking in an effort to understand where and why I struggle. To that end, I’ve decided to harken back to traditional symbolic systems to see what they can offer me, toward an elemental understanding of living. … Continue reading Elemental Living


I’ve been to Meknes (مكناس) more than a dozen times, but as with anything too common, it means I never truly appreciated it. Most of the time, I was there for some sort of Peace Corps training or meeting, so the daylight hours were occupied and I never really had the chance, nor the inclination, to explore. Most of those visits were also at the beginning … Continue reading Meknes