Olive Trees Everywhere

Olive trees for miles in every direction! We’re driving through an olive forest! Advertisements Continue reading Olive Trees Everywhere


Technology and Its Discontents

A quick note on technology: Internet access, while ubiquitous, is incredibly slow and connections are spotty. This is both good and bad. On the one hand, it keeps us focused on what we’re doing and seeing. On the other, it prevents us from sharing those same experiences. So, we’ll be doing the best we can to update as we are able. Much love, Thomas and … Continue reading Technology and Its Discontents

A Turkish Bath

On Friday, Erika and I went to a bath house to experience a Turkish bath. There is no bath, per se, at least in the Western understanding. Rather, the term refers to the way one is washed and massaged by an attendant from head to toe. We were a bit nervous. We had looked at several, but we had some trepidation about both the cost … Continue reading A Turkish Bath

Istanbul, Day One: Sultan Tombs

There are several sites around Istanbul that serve as memorial sites for religious leaders. Some are elaborate familial shrines that entomb several generations. Some are more like simple graveyards. Several of the dates we notices were from long, long ago. As an American, it’s odd to see things dated from 1289. It’s a good reminder that our recorded history is still relatively in its infancy. … Continue reading Istanbul, Day One: Sultan Tombs

Destination and Path

Over Labor Day weekend, Erika and I made the cross-state trek to Pullman, WA/Moscow, ID for a visit. During the 7-hour drive home, much of which looked like the image to the right, a desire began to grow within me that longed for the journey’s end. There was nothing much to see or do, it seemed, except be with one’s self and one’s companion. But, … Continue reading Destination and Path