What Hot Means to Me Now

Back in February I wrote a post—What Cold Means to Me Now—after I developed chilblains during the Moroccan winter.  Today I am experiencing the polar-opposite (ha ha ha) of being cold: I am HOT!!  Over the last two weeks the daily high temperature in our town has hovered between 95-100 degrees daily, with nighttime lows only falling to the mid-70s.  The most reasonable time of day … Continue reading What Hot Means to Me Now



Coming from the Pacific Northwest, where it rains (or, at least drizzles) much of the year, it’s been a bit of a shock to live in such an arid part of the world. Generally speaking, Morocco is a dry country. Though there are regions, especially in the north and among the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, much of the country sees little rain. In fact, once one … Continue reading Dry

Birthday In Morocco

Today is my 41st birthday—how the heck did that happen?!  I could have sworn I was still in my 30s!    Last year I was in Seattle to mark my 40th birthday, and greatly enjoyed an amazing home-cooked meal with some of my favorite people in the world: Thomas, Mom, Norman (my birthday twin!), and Andi. The evening was quite carefully crafted to how Norman and … Continue reading Birthday In Morocco

Last Days of CBT

Today marks the start of our last week of community based training—only six days until we move away from the town we have called home for the past 2½ months.  I find my attachment to our current home falling away bit by bit.  While I have really enjoyed being in this community, today I do not feel a sense of sadness when I think about … Continue reading Last Days of CBT

The Great Trip South

Thomas and I returned yesterday from a five day trip to where we will live as of April 2nd.  The seven hour bus ride from the north to the south took us through the Atlas Mountains, oases, and areas that looked truly otherworldly.  Oh, how gorgeous and diverse the landscape of Morocco is! When we finally arrived in our town (along with a third trainee, … Continue reading The Great Trip South

Reflections on Month One

I was thinking this morning about the small day-to-day experiences I have in Morocco that I haven’t yet shared, but that in many ways are more significant than my ramblings about chilblains, youth centers and learning Darija.  We have now lived in Morocco for more than a month, and when I reflect back on my time here so far, I can pinpoint many examples of how I am adapting really well … Continue reading Reflections on Month One

What ‘Cold’ Means to Me Now

Growing up in the US and Canada, cold was almost exclusively in context to the weather or temperature outside of homes or buildings.  “Boy, it’s cold out!” I might say as I entered someone’s house.  Or, “I wonder if it will stay cold like this all week.”  Spoiled Westerner that I am, I believed that the temperature inside a house was something that could (and … Continue reading What ‘Cold’ Means to Me Now

Shwiya b Shwiya…

Whew!  It has been a long week of training, and I am glad we can sleep in tomorrow and have a day off from structured studies.  Our CBT group is planning to go see Volubilis, a former Roman settlement in Morocco that is not too far from our village.  The weather report for tomorrow says it will be cold but clear, so it should be a … Continue reading Shwiya b Shwiya…

Thanks for your support!

Thomas and I arrived in Philadelphia on Sunday evening and spent most of yesterday in our initial Peace Corps orientation session.  It was a wonderful day of meeting other trainees, finding out the details of how we get to Morocco, and (most importantly) re-familiarizing ourselves with why Peace Corps exists and why we chose to join up.  The whole day was framed by Peace Corps … Continue reading Thanks for your support!