SbaH l-xir!

SbaH l-xir (good morning)! It is Sunday morning here, and Thomas and I slept very well last night, l’Hamdullah (Thanks to God–and check out this redux of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah!).  The weather yesterday finally transitioned from rainy and cold to sunny and warm (l-barH ljaw zwin!=yesterday the weather was good).  As of noon yesterday, Thomas and I, along with our other CBT group members, Thia and … Continue reading SbaH l-xir!


Week One of Service

It is Sunday evening here in Morocco, and Thomas and I arrived at our Community Based Training (CBT) site earlier this afternoon.  We will be here for the next 11 weeks.  The past week was spent at a large hotel-resort in another part of Morocco where Peace Corps provided us with massive amounts of information related to what our service will be like.  The week also included … Continue reading Week One of Service


As we recently made the rounds to visit friends and family before our departure to Morocco January 11, 2015, we put together and refined a “brief” slideshow to share. Some people asked for copies of some of the photographs. To that end, below is a copy of the slideshow. For those who missed the slideshow, we will try to write country-specific summaries that help to … Continue reading Slideshow

People Are Weird

While in Prague, we visited Prague Castle. It is a massive complex perched atop a hill across the river and overlooks most of the city. Though not as elaborate or as well-organized as Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland, it was still impressive. The buildings were beautiful, especially the Saint Vitus Cathedral with its incredible Gothic architecture complete with gargoyle rain spouts looking eerily from above. Prague … Continue reading People Are Weird

Franz Kafka Museum

As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect. –The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka The trip having been so long and having seen so many wonderful things, I had completely forgotten Franz Kafka grew up in Prague. He was not even on my radar, to use a cliché, until, across the Vltava River, we saw … Continue reading Franz Kafka Museum

First Prague, then Munich, then Home

I have put off writing a post over the last week. Partly because as our trip winds down I feel an increasing need to try and make our last days in Europe as worthwhile as possible: “No time to write, I’m afraid! I gotta go see X, Y and Z! And explore A, B and C! And eat L, M, N, O and P!” A … Continue reading First Prague, then Munich, then Home


On our return trip to Budapest from Krakow, having driven through Eastern Slovakia, Erika and I decided to drive through the Western side. Our eventual destination, where we would stay the night, was the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, located just a stone’s throw from the Austrian border. Our thought was to be close enough to Budapest that we were only a short drive away from … Continue reading Čičmany

Spiš Castle

Yesterday, Erika and I drove from Budapest, Hungary to Kraków, Poland. Between the two metropoleis, lies the country of Slovakia, formerly joined with the Czech Republic as Czechoslovakia, but later splitting into two separate republics. Admittedly, we knew little about Slovakia, but since we were driving through it, we did some research. LonelyPlanet has this to say about Slovakia: No, it isn’t a province of the Czech … Continue reading Spiš Castle