As perhaps not everyone knows, there are monkeys in Europe. They live within the tiny enclave known as Gibraltar, a peninsular Overseas British Territory abutting with the southernmost point of Spain. It forms one half of the Straights of Gibraltar, or alternatively, one of the “Pillars of Hercules” with the other being on the opposite side of the straight in Morocco, near Tangier. Yesterday, Erika and … Continue reading Monkeys!


Figueres and the Dali Museum

Salvador Dali was born in the town of Figueres, Spain which lies near the Spanish border with France along the Mediterranean coast. It is also the site of the Dali museum, the place in which he spent his last few years, and the place he is buried. It’s a wonderful little town quite proud of its most famous artist. Below are images of the town, including … Continue reading Figueres and the Dali Museum


Along the southern French coast is a small town called Collioure that has an incredible castle, a huge Catholic cathedral, a small seaside chapel, and adorable little old town. Unfortunately, I missed the closing time by three minutes, so I was not able to go inside. Still, it was awe-inspiring. Below are photos of the town. Click to see larger versions. Continue reading Collioure

Wim Wenders and Walter Benjamin

On our way home from the French countryside, we stopped by Portbou for a celebration honoring the memory of Jewish philosopher, Walter Benjamin, who, while attempting to elude the pursuing Nazis during World War II, committed suicide to avoid capture. While there, we caught a glimpse of award-winning German director, Wim Wenders. That’s him near the yellow molding in the photo on the right. Below are … Continue reading Wim Wenders and Walter Benjamin

Port Lligat and the Home of Salvador Dali

Not too far from Cadaqués, just north across the peninsula in fact, is the long-time home of Spanish/Catalonian artist, Salvador Dali, in Port Lligat. He loved to this small fishing village, so he bought a simple fisherman’s shack with the intention of living simply and honing his craft, though over the years, he purchased adjoining shacks and build extravagant additions to his home. After the death of … Continue reading Port Lligat and the Home of Salvador Dali


Our first stop in Spain after a long travel day from Morocco, was the home of our dear friend Candace, Llançà. It’s a small, quiet village near the border of France along the Mediterranean coast. Idyllic? Absolutely! And, she was kind enough to not only host us, but drive us around the beautiful Costa Brava region. Below are images of both Llançà and the general Costa Brava … Continue reading Llançà


Next to the border to Spain is a small town named Cadaqués. As you can hopefully see from the photos below, it is a lovely, picturesque place. Sorry if some seem redundant, I couldn’t choose which I liked best. While their, our friend Candace, introduced us to an ex-patriot artist, Beverly Fettig, who rents her amazingly cute place on AirBNB. Pictures of her home, which was … Continue reading Cadaqués


As we recently made the rounds to visit friends and family before our departure to Morocco January 11, 2015, we put together and refined a “brief” slideshow to share. Some people asked for copies of some of the photographs. To that end, below is a copy of the slideshow. For those who missed the slideshow, we will try to write country-specific summaries that help to … Continue reading Slideshow

People Are Weird

While in Prague, we visited Prague Castle. It is a massive complex perched atop a hill across the river and overlooks most of the city. Though not as elaborate or as well-organized as Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland, it was still impressive. The buildings were beautiful, especially the Saint Vitus Cathedral with its incredible Gothic architecture complete with gargoyle rain spouts looking eerily from above. Prague … Continue reading People Are Weird