Ah, Canakkale! A welcome change of pace.

Yesterday we traveled from Istanbul to Canakkale, an oceanside town six hours south of Istanbul. The bus route went along the coast of the Aegean Sea, past many small villages and pasture lands. The highlight of the ride for me was seeing a farmer (Shepard?) with a flock of sheep–so lovely! The final leg of the journey to Canakkale was a short ferry ride from … Continue reading Ah, Canakkale! A welcome change of pace.


Technology and Its Discontents

A quick note on technology: Internet access, while ubiquitous, is incredibly slow and connections are spotty. This is both good and bad. On the one hand, it keeps us focused on what we’re doing and seeing. On the other, it prevents us from sharing those same experiences. So, we’ll be doing the best we can to update as we are able. Much love, Thomas and … Continue reading Technology and Its Discontents

A Turkish Bath

On Friday, Erika and I went to a bath house to experience a Turkish bath. There is no bath, per se, at least in the Western understanding. Rather, the term refers to the way one is washed and massaged by an attendant from head to toe. We were a bit nervous. We had looked at several, but we had some trepidation about both the cost … Continue reading A Turkish Bath

Three of many Istanbul experiences

As we continue to explore Istanbul and do many (perhaps too many?) tourist activities, we have also had experiences that are a bit less standard than visiting the Hayasophia, going on a boat tour of the Bosperus (check out the name of the tour boat on the right!) and walking around the top of Galata Tower. Only five days into this two month adventure, the … Continue reading Three of many Istanbul experiences

Yesterday, in summary

I woke up this morning and initially could not recall all the elements of our day yesterday–jet lag continues to impact our sleep, but I think we are closer to being on Istanbul time. I know we covered a number of miles wandering around this city over the course of 14 hours, but the specifics of our activities were vague until I looked at the … Continue reading Yesterday, in summary

Istanbul, Day One: Sultan Tombs

There are several sites around Istanbul that serve as memorial sites for religious leaders. Some are elaborate familial shrines that entomb several generations. Some are more like simple graveyards. Several of the dates we notices were from long, long ago. As an American, it’s odd to see things dated from 1289. It’s a good reminder that our recorded history is still relatively in its infancy. … Continue reading Istanbul, Day One: Sultan Tombs

Tentative Itinerary

Many people want to know where, specifically, we are going. While we have a general idea where we are headed, we purposely purchased one-way tickets so that the flow of the trip seemed less constrained. Below are the countries we hope to visit as well as a general map of our intended path. This will most certainly change, but for now, here is our tentative … Continue reading Tentative Itinerary

It all begins September 9th!

We will depart for Istanbul and spend a couple of months moving around Eastern Europe: Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland, etc…  The trip will hopefully end in Denmark, with dinner at Noma.  A  brilliant place, from all we have heard. More about Noma from Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown or go directly to their website. Continue reading It all begins September 9th!