Reason 373 Why I Love Morocco

Reason 373 Why I Love Morocco: The most delicious oranges I’ve ever eaten are seasonally plentiful and only $0.23 a pound. Advertisements Continue reading Reason 373 Why I Love Morocco



Of all the national capitals I’ve visited, and there’s been more than a few, none has felt less like a capital than Lisbon, Portugal. Maybe all the various governmental offices are far away from the city center, or maybe they’re just less ostentatious than their European counterparts, but on the whole, the city felt more like a relaxed seaside port than a stiff place of state. … Continue reading Lisbon

Merzouga Camel Trek

Perhaps it’s a stereotype, but, truth be told, Morocco is a fairly arid country. Much of its southern area borders on or is part of the vast Saharan Desert. In fact, once one crosses the Atlas Mountains, it predominately desert with a numerous oases scattered about. Initially, the dryness and the heat were challenging, but I’ve come to accept them, even welcome them on occasion. … Continue reading Merzouga Camel Trek


“If only I could be in Africa and Europe at the same time… Oh, wait! I can! I can go to Melilla!” I’m a fan of the odd, the unusual, the out of the ordinary, but when you combine that with some history, I’m hooked to the point of obsession. North Africa, or alternatively the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, has seen its share of … Continue reading Melilla


We stayed in a most lovely seaside town when we went to Portugal, called Albufeira!  Although the town center was quite touristic (catering to mainly British tourists from what we saw), outside of this area the town was charming and picturesque.  The beach was incredible, too–the sand is actually finely crushed shells which make it a lovely color and very soft to walk on.  Instead of booking a hotel, we … Continue reading Albufeira


The other day, we went for a lovely drive into the foothills of the lesser Atlas Mountains with our friend Khadija and her brother Said to acquire special water from a spring near a wonderful little village called Taghouchte (tah-ghroosht) that is nestled into an even lovelier oasis next to the mountains. I suppose there are innumerable places similarly wonderful within Morocco, but unique to this … Continue reading Taghouchte

Beach Bound!

Tomorrow Thomas and I travel to Rabat for 10 days to attend the Peace Corps In-Service Training (IST).  The venue we are staying at is right next to the beach, and I am greatly looking forward to being near the ocean.  I can’t begin to explain how eager I am to dip my feet in the water, smell the sea air, and to be in … Continue reading Beach Bound!

Ramadan Update

It is day four of Ramadan, so Ramadan Mubarek to you all!  Thus far the experience of participating is rather different than I had expected, in large part because my energy level is at times way lower than I anticipated it would be.  The process of fasting from 3:30 AM until 7:30 PM means my sleeping schedule has shifted from getting a solid seven or eight … Continue reading Ramadan Update

Ramadan Approaches

The month of Ramadan starts on June 18th.  In recent weeks I have considered how I want to take part in this religious observance, which for many non-Muslims boils down to the subject of fasting: ‘To fast or not to fast, that is the question!’  As the start of Ramadan draws closer, it’s a subject that comes up often with fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, local Moroccan friends, … Continue reading Ramadan Approaches