Earlier this week I was invited by some women who attend my yoga and English classes at the Dar Taqafa (House of Culture) to help make chebakia, a traditional fried and honey-soaked cookie eaten during Ramadan.  The invitation was offered with the comment, “If you have time.  No problem if you don’t have time.”  I told the women who invited me, “I always have time for food” … Continue reading Chebakia!


Hodge-Podge Post One

It’s been too long since my last post!  And since I don’t have a specific topic that I want to report on about life here these days, consider this the first ‘odds and ends’ or ‘bits and pieces’ or ‘this and that’ blog entry. Weather Report:  After a two week stretch of very hot weather, the last couple of weeks have been cooler temperature-wise.  In … Continue reading Hodge-Podge Post One


Coming from the Pacific Northwest, where it rains (or, at least drizzles) much of the year, it’s been a bit of a shock to live in such an arid part of the world. Generally speaking, Morocco is a dry country. Though there are regions, especially in the north and among the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, much of the country sees little rain. In fact, once one … Continue reading Dry

The Blessed Barba (Beet)

Thomas and I were talking the other day about beets, man.  That’s right, beets.  Or barba, if you want to use Darija (but not to be confused with the amazing 1970s children’s book character, Barbapapa). Anyway, we were going on and on about how much we enjoy eating beets in Morocco (yes, we have time for these types of conversations now). But seriously, there are a number of valid reasons this … Continue reading The Blessed Barba (Beet)

Home at last!

We have now slept in our new apartment for two days.  We are greatly enjoying being in our own space, cooking our own food and learning how to live much more independently in Morocco than the initial 3½ months allowed.  The temperature in our town is heating up, with daily highs into the 90s, and I admit it already feels physically taxing at times.  Yet … Continue reading Home at last!

Enchanting Rabat!

Thomas and I arrived in Rabat on Saturday, after a slightly tearful goodbye with Lala Fatima and Zakia.  After a much needed long, hot shower, I went to see the newly opened Mohammed 6 Museum of Modern Art with my friends Esther, Noa and Alice.  While I enjoyed the current exhibit, Medieval Maroc, I favored the permanent collection, which left me very sated in terms of … Continue reading Enchanting Rabat!

The Food Issue

We have eaten some amazing Moroccan dishes over the last few weeks, and we finally started bringing a camera to meals to capture images of what we are enjoying.  Since we never know what will be served, we have also taken photos of the foods that were rather surprising to be served.  My dietary compromise of eating poultry but not meat meant I was (blessedly) … Continue reading The Food Issue

Reflections on Month One

I was thinking this morning about the small day-to-day experiences I have in Morocco that I haven’t yet shared, but that in many ways are more significant than my ramblings about chilblains, youth centers and learning Darija.  We have now lived in Morocco for more than a month, and when I reflect back on my time here so far, I can pinpoint many examples of how I am adapting really well … Continue reading Reflections on Month One

Shwiya b Shwiya…

Whew!  It has been a long week of training, and I am glad we can sleep in tomorrow and have a day off from structured studies.  Our CBT group is planning to go see Volubilis, a former Roman settlement in Morocco that is not too far from our village.  The weather report for tomorrow says it will be cold but clear, so it should be a … Continue reading Shwiya b Shwiya…

SbaH l-xir!

SbaH l-xir (good morning)! It is Sunday morning here, and Thomas and I slept very well last night, l’Hamdullah (Thanks to God–and check out this redux of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah!).  The weather yesterday finally transitioned from rainy and cold to sunny and warm (l-barH ljaw zwin!=yesterday the weather was good).  As of noon yesterday, Thomas and I, along with our other CBT group members, Thia and … Continue reading SbaH l-xir!