Week One of Service

It is Sunday evening here in Morocco, and Thomas and I arrived at our Community Based Training (CBT) site earlier this afternoon.  We will be here for the next 11 weeks.  The past week was spent at a large hotel-resort in another part of Morocco where Peace Corps provided us with massive amounts of information related to what our service will be like.  The week also included … Continue reading Week One of Service


What Bulgaria is like for me.

The last five days we have been in Bulgaria, first in Sofia (the capital of the country) and now in a smaller city called Ruse (Rus-ah). After our long stretch in Greece (a little over 2 weeks), being in a new country feels strange. In Greece we had finally started to use some basic Greek words to communicate, and could recognize signage when we walked … Continue reading What Bulgaria is like for me.

Reflecting on the trip so far.

Today marks the start of week four of our trip. We are still on Karpathos, where we have been since Sept. 25. We fly from Karpathos to Athens on Oct. 4th, and after a few days in Athens we plan to head north into either Bulgaria or Macedonia. Although there was a stormy two day period on Karpathos last weekend, since Monday the weather here … Continue reading Reflecting on the trip so far.

Karpathos: Tour #2

Yesterday (Saturday), we again drove north to see several towns: Aperi, Spoa and Mesochori. Aperi is only about 10km from Pigadia, but tucked into the hills, away from the coast. It has a very charming feel to it, with all the buildings perched up on the hillside and very narrow streets. Driving through the town is an exercise in trust that you wont hit either … Continue reading Karpathos: Tour #2

And onto Karpathos we go…

  Wednesday’s departure from Turkey left me with mixed emotions. Our time in Turkey was quite wonderful overall, and we had started to become more familiar with some of the customs and travel processes involved in being there. But there was a clear draw for both Thomas and I to move onto another country and experience a different culture. And going to Greece has been … Continue reading And onto Karpathos we go…

Ayvalik: a perfect seaside town.

We arrived in Ayvalik (EYE-vah-lick) on Wednesday and I have fallen in love with this town and the surrounding area. Yesterday Thomas and I took a long walk from Ayvalik to another town, Alibey Adasi (Alibey Island), which is at the end of a very long peninsula across the water from Ayvalik. After getting rather lost in a residential area along the way we finally … Continue reading Ayvalik: a perfect seaside town.