And onto Karpathos we go…

  Wednesday’s departure from Turkey left me with mixed emotions. Our time in Turkey was quite wonderful overall, and we had started to become more familiar with some of the customs and travel processes involved in being there. But there was a clear draw for both Thomas and I to move onto another country and experience a different culture. And going to Greece has been … Continue reading And onto Karpathos we go…


Ephesus: Going waaaaaay back.

The last two nights we were in Selcuk, a town similar in size to Ayvalik (yes, I still miss Ayvalik and seem to want to compare everything to Ayvalik).  Selcuk is the gateway to the Ephesus (Efes) ruins. We stayed at a great place called Atilla’s Getaway, which is run by Atilla, a Turkish-Australian gentleman who proved to be an affable, knowledgeable host. For anyone planning to go … Continue reading Ephesus: Going waaaaaay back.

Ayvalik: a perfect seaside town.

We arrived in Ayvalik (EYE-vah-lick) on Wednesday and I have fallen in love with this town and the surrounding area. Yesterday Thomas and I took a long walk from Ayvalik to another town, Alibey Adasi (Alibey Island), which is at the end of a very long peninsula across the water from Ayvalik. After getting rather lost in a residential area along the way we finally … Continue reading Ayvalik: a perfect seaside town.

Ah, Canakkale! A welcome change of pace.

Yesterday we traveled from Istanbul to Canakkale, an oceanside town six hours south of Istanbul. The bus route went along the coast of the Aegean Sea, past many small villages and pasture lands. The highlight of the ride for me was seeing a farmer (Shepard?) with a flock of sheep–so lovely! The final leg of the journey to Canakkale was a short ferry ride from … Continue reading Ah, Canakkale! A welcome change of pace.

Destination and Path

Over Labor Day weekend, Erika and I made the cross-state trek to Pullman, WA/Moscow, ID for a visit. During the 7-hour drive home, much of which looked like the image to the right, a desire began to grow within me that longed for the journey’s end. There was nothing much to see or do, it seemed, except be with one’s self and one’s companion. But, … Continue reading Destination and Path

Letting Go of Things

What is value? What do you value? Why do you value it? As Erika and I transition to the next phase in our lives, we have been challenged by these questions. During our eight comfortable years together, we did what most people do – we accumulated things, many things. Our closets were full of wonderful clothing, our kitchen counters covered with cooking conveniences, our garage … Continue reading Letting Go of Things

The ‘Official’ Invitation (and life without a job).

Thrilled to report that Thomas and I received our formal invitation to serve with Peace Corps in Morocco, leaving for service on January 12th, 2015. The focus of our work is Youth Development. From reading our job description we learned that the King of Morocco (known in Morocco as the “King of the Poor”) has a deep commitment to helping the young people of his … Continue reading The ‘Official’ Invitation (and life without a job).

It all begins September 9th!

We will depart for Istanbul and spend a couple of months moving around Eastern Europe: Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland, etc…  The trip will hopefully end in Denmark, with dinner at Noma.  A  brilliant place, from all we have heard. More about Noma from Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown or go directly to their website. Continue reading It all begins September 9th!