Reason 1013 Why I Love (Oualidia) Morocco

Reason 1013 Why I Love (Oualidia) Morocco: $70 buys you twelve large oysters, two medium lobsters, one large crab, clams, shrimp, and four sole all grilled on your terrace by the fisherman who caught them hours before. Advertisements Continue reading Reason 1013 Why I Love (Oualidia) Morocco



Note: This post was begun months ago during the end of summer, but life became complicated so its final edits and publication were postponed again and again. Every week, it seems, I discover yet another amazing aspect of Morocco. Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve had a chance to explore the coastline south of Casablanca. I’ve wandered through open-air fish markets where … Continue reading Azemmour

Reason 933 Why I love Morocco

Reason 933 Why I love Morocco: Despite the rapid move toward modernization, especially in the massive metropolis of Casablanca, there remains a culture of trust and goodwill that permeates informal relationships. The latest of innumerable examples: My local butcher, who’s known me only a week or so, sent me away with my purchase, even though I’d forgotten my money, and told me I could pay … Continue reading Reason 933 Why I love Morocco

Reason 888 Why I Love Morocco

Reason 888 Why I Love Morocco: Almost everyone speaks at least two languages, most speak three, many speak four, and it’s not unusual to find someone who can speak as many as six or seven with reasonable fluency. Yet, to a person, all are equally, incredibly humble about this amazing talent.. Continue reading Reason 888 Why I Love Morocco

Reason 742 Why I love Morocco

Reason 742 Why I love Morocco: It’s difficult to find an audience for complaining. The general consensus is “everything is as it should be.” The other day, it was 110°F/45°C. As I went about doing my errands suffering and complaining to locals about the temperature, every response was, “Thank God for the heat.” Continue reading Reason 742 Why I love Morocco

Elemental Living

Being in a new environment, one that often challenges my previous ways of living and understanding of my life, I was trying to find a way to frame my thinking in an effort to understand where and why I struggle. To that end, I’ve decided to harken back to traditional symbolic systems to see what they can offer me, toward an elemental understanding of living. … Continue reading Elemental Living