Reason 601 Why I Love Morocco

Reason 601 Why I Love Morocco: When, after meals, people ask if you want to lay down and take a nap, they are totally serious. Every meal is like Thanksgiving at grandma’s. Advertisements Continue reading Reason 601 Why I Love Morocco


Reason 517 Why I Love Morocco

Reason 517 Why I Love Morocco: Rules are flexible. Even though the restaurant closed 15 minutes ago, we’ll make you something to go without annoyance. You’re the only one going through this baggage scanner late at night? You look honest, go ahead looks you’ve got a train to catch. Continue reading Reason 517 Why I Love Morocco

Sporting the Dutch and Canadian flags on Koningsdag

Koningsdag in Amsterdam

I can’t be sure, but I doubt any country celebrates it’s monarchy as enthusiastically as the Dutch. I hadn’t planned on it, but my brief stopover in Amsterdam, Netherlands coincided with the national holiday of Koningsdag, or King’s Day, preceded by Koninginnenacht, Queen’s Night. Coming directly from another monarchical system, I reflected on the difference between the two approaches to governance. While the King of Morocco is … Continue reading Koningsdag in Amsterdam