SbaH l-xir!

SbaH l-xir (good morning)! It is Sunday morning here, and Thomas and I slept very well last night, l’Hamdullah (Thanks to God–and check out this redux of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah!).  The weather yesterday finally transitioned from rainy and cold to sunny and warm (l-barH ljaw zwin!=yesterday the weather was good).  As of noon yesterday, Thomas and I, along with our other CBT group members, Thia and … Continue reading SbaH l-xir!


Week One of Service

It is Sunday evening here in Morocco, and Thomas and I arrived at our Community Based Training (CBT) site earlier this afternoon.  We will be here for the next 11 weeks.  The past week was spent at a large hotel-resort in another part of Morocco where Peace Corps provided us with massive amounts of information related to what our service will be like.  The week also included … Continue reading Week One of Service

Thanks for your support!

Thomas and I arrived in Philadelphia on Sunday evening and spent most of yesterday in our initial Peace Corps orientation session.  It was a wonderful day of meeting other trainees, finding out the details of how we get to Morocco, and (most importantly) re-familiarizing ourselves with why Peace Corps exists and why we chose to join up.  The whole day was framed by Peace Corps … Continue reading Thanks for your support!

Endings and Beginnings

It’s the last day of 2014, and I am in a reflective mood as we prepare to leave for Morocco in exactly two weeks.  My brain space around our upcoming departure vacillates from excitement to fear every six-to-eight minutes.  At this moment I am excited, but by the time I am finished writing this post I may have moved into fear-mode. Thomas, on the other hand, seems … Continue reading Endings and Beginnings

Reflecting on the trip so far.

Today marks the start of week four of our trip. We are still on Karpathos, where we have been since Sept. 25. We fly from Karpathos to Athens on Oct. 4th, and after a few days in Athens we plan to head north into either Bulgaria or Macedonia. Although there was a stormy two day period on Karpathos last weekend, since Monday the weather here … Continue reading Reflecting on the trip so far.

The ‘Official’ Invitation (and life without a job).

Thrilled to report that Thomas and I received our formal invitation to serve with Peace Corps in Morocco, leaving for service on January 12th, 2015. The focus of our work is Youth Development. From reading our job description we learned that the King of Morocco (known in Morocco as the “King of the Poor”) has a deep commitment to helping the young people of his … Continue reading The ‘Official’ Invitation (and life without a job).