A fairly typical entry changing area

Reason 1,037 Why I Love Morocco: For $8 I can have a day at the spa (hammam) complete with a man who washes me, scrubs me, then gives me a soap massage.


Reason 517 Why I Love Morocco: Rules are flexible.

Even though the restaurant closed 15 minutes ago, we’ll make you something to go without annoyance.

You’re the only one going through this baggage scanner late at night? You look honest, go ahead looks you’ve got a train to catch.

Rupea Citadel


Reason 604 Why I Love Morocco: A man can look definitively masculine despite wearing what the West might see as a dress.

Ksar El Kebir




Reason 601 Why I Love Morocco: When, after meals, people ask if you want to lay down and take a nap, they are totally serious. Every meal is like Thanksgiving at grandma’s.

Amazigh Agadirs

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