Ode to a Grecian Urn

It seems like ages ago, but when Erika and I were in Athens touring a small museum near the acropolis, we were looking at case after case of amazing pottery that had been excavated over the centuries. There was so much and it was all so beautiful, my eyes began to glaze over. One can only look at relics for so long before one’s appreciation begins … Continue reading Ode to a Grecian Urn


Athens is Angry

Athens is angry, it seems. It’s a tempered anger, for the most part, but it is lies always below the surface. One always has the feeling of underlying tension, not with each other, but with people and social systems in power. This is most evident in the ubiquitous graffiti. In Greece, especially in major cities but also in the countryside, graffiti is everywhere. From government … Continue reading Athens is Angry

Continued travels in Greece

I realized today I have not posted a travel update in a week! For those following our trip, my apologies for not writing more regularly. Truth is, we are soaking up so much experience each day that at the end of the day my energy is sapped and I decide to put off writing until the next day…and this cycle keeps repeating. So here’s an … Continue reading Continued travels in Greece

Greek Changing of the Guard

Update: It turns out that what I observed was the Greek changing of the guard as happens at other governmental buildings. Soldiers, dressed in classic uniforms change station and some are positioned at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. As I was wandering around Athens yesterday, I noticed a strong military presence down one of the streets. There were riot control buses and many heavily … Continue reading Greek Changing of the Guard

Gawking at Locals

Olympos is a small village on the Greek island of Karpathos described by some as a “living museum.” One of the evidences for this is often given is that “the women still wear traditional clothing.” Another is “the remoteness of the village has kept its traditions intact.” Enticed by these descriptions, Erika and I had been planning to visit the town for several days. To avoid … Continue reading Gawking at Locals

Updated Itinerary

Since we’ve been waylaid by the incomparable island of Karpathos, Greece and our realization that time well-spent in place is equally good as time well-spent elsewhere. It’s a matter of perspective. Every place can be awe-inspiring if one takes the time to notice, our original intended itinerary needed to be modified. Therefore, our updated plans, including hopefully spending time with our amazing new friends Achim and … Continue reading Updated Itinerary

Reflecting on the trip so far.

Today marks the start of week four of our trip. We are still on Karpathos, where we have been since Sept. 25. We fly from Karpathos to Athens on Oct. 4th, and after a few days in Athens we plan to head north into either Bulgaria or Macedonia. Although there was a stormy two day period on Karpathos last weekend, since Monday the weather here … Continue reading Reflecting on the trip so far.

Karpathos: Tour #2

Yesterday (Saturday), we again drove north to see several towns: Aperi, Spoa and Mesochori. Aperi is only about 10km from Pigadia, but tucked into the hills, away from the coast. It has a very charming feel to it, with all the buildings perched up on the hillside and very narrow streets. Driving through the town is an exercise in trust that you wont hit either … Continue reading Karpathos: Tour #2

Random Street Celebration

While walking to lunch with Erika and our new friend Catherine in Selçuk, Turkey, there came behind us the sound of honking car horns and music. At first, I thought it was young people garnering attention like I see so often at home, but as the procession came closer, I saw a boy dressed all in shimmering white. I remembered seeing a poster of a … Continue reading Random Street Celebration

Karpathos: Tour #1

Oh, what a day it has been! After a restful sleep last night we had a relaxing breakfast this morning before getting into the car to drive around the island. We made our way north for a bit, and then turned west to cross the island. What a gorgeous, enchanting, and generally remote place Karpathos is turning out to be! And there is land for … Continue reading Karpathos: Tour #1