As perhaps not everyone knows, there are monkeys in Europe. They live within the tiny enclave known as Gibraltar, a peninsular Overseas British Territory abutting with the southernmost point of Spain. It forms one half of the Straights of Gibraltar, or alternatively, one of the “Pillars of Hercules” with the other being on the opposite side of the straight in Morocco, near Tangier.

Yesterday, Erika and I went to Gibraltar to climb the rock and see what little Britiain was all about. Initially, the city was a bit off-putting. There is tremendous amounts of building being done everywhere, so traffic is a mess, tons of British tourists clogging the paths, and very little parking. Thankfully, we found the older part of town, some peace and quiet, and an Indian restaurant to satisfy our need for curry.

Driving to the top, it was difficult to progress due to the long line of tour buses, but once they moved on to the next site, we essentially had each one to ourselves. We skipped the cable car after speaking with a nice woman at the Tourist Information Center. It proved much more cost-effective to drive and pay one entry fee, instead of the cable car and paying separately for each site. I’ll detail some of the other sites on the rock later. They were all quite interesting. But, for now, let’s look at monkeys!. Scroll down for videos.




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