Mont Saint-Michel

Mont St. Michel

Just off France’s northern coast sits a little island, Mont Saint-Michel, atop which is a lovely old monastery. Surely, you’ve seen the pictures. It’s an amazingly beautiful spot. When I say, “island,” that is true most of the time, though the most days the tide is low enough to walk there. In fact, it was only recently that a bridge was added to aid tourism and the few residents.

Surrounding the monastery is a little village, of sorts, which long ago would have supported the activities of the inhabitants of the monastery. These shops and homes spiral their way up around the edges of the island.

Having just escaped the fiasco in Angola and the terribly difficult time we had there, Nissrine and I had a week in France to readjust and relax. Her sister’s family loaned us a car, so we had an amazing opportunity to explore northern France. 

Below are some photos of our time there:

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