Palace of Parliament

Nicolae Ceaușescu was a brutal dictator that ravaged Romania during his reign before being overthrown and executed during the Romanian Revolution. During his time in power, however, he began the building of an incredible structure though he never saw its completion.

Originally called “The People’s Palace,” the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, is an immense building whose estimated cost of construction, in today’s dollars exceeds 4 billion. It has a garage that will hold 20,000 vehicles, has more than 11,000 rooms, and has at least one chandelier that weighs more than 2 1/2 tons. Over of the heavier buildings ever built, most of the marble was extracted from the Carpathian Mountains in Eastern Romania.

Below are some of the photos we took during out guided tour. Click the “Load more” link at the bottom to show more pictures.

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