Random Street Celebration

While walking to lunch with Erika and our new friend Catherine in Selçuk, Turkey, there came behind us the sound of honking car horns and music. At first, I thought it was young people garnering attention like I see so often at home, but as the procession came closer, I saw a boy dressed all in shimmering white.

I remembered seeing a poster of a similar outfit outside a photo studio in Çanakkale and snapping a photo because I thought it was interesting, now here it was right in front of me.

Young male fashion shoot, Turkish style.

Young male fashion shoot, Turkish style.

There was a line of cars and people marching behind a pickup truck containing musicians. Immediately behind the truck was the boy astride a horse being led, I assume, by his father.

As the procession continued around the corner and onto the main thoroughfare, what little traffic there was came to a standstill as the celebration expanded to fill most of the street. People – family members I assume – danced and some threw money into the air.

It was fun to witness. If it were not for my complete obliviousness to what was happening, I might have joined in!


According to Erika and our friend Catherine, each of whom did some research, this was part of a circumcision ceremony which is fairly common in parts of Turkey. Our congratulations to the young man and his family. He seemed quite proud to be the center of attention!


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