Tucked up near the coast of northern Flemish Region of Belgium, also known as Flanders, lies the incredible medieval city of Bruges (French), or Brugge (Flemish Dutch). In many ways, it’s like walking back in time. The older canal-based area is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The name is thought to originate from the Old Dutch word for “bridge,” understandably, they are everywhere. In fact, the … Continue reading Bruges



While the Castle of the Moors and Pena National Palace get all the press, along many other amazing chateaus and palaces in the region, the town of Sintra proper is simply adorable. Not far from the capital, Lisbon, it reminded my of some other towns I had seen in other parts of Europe, such as Southern France and Romania. Thankfully, we were there in off-season. … Continue reading Sintra

Juan’s House

While driving along the southern Portuguese coast, Erika saw through the trees the rooftops of an odd structure. We turned around and wound our way up an obscure driveway to discover an abandoned mansion inhabited, we think, by a man named Juan. There was a vast language barrier, us knowing no Portuguese. We picked up that the house was being built by Argentinians, but someone died … Continue reading Juan’s House


After all the hustle and bustle of Barcelona, arriving in Seville was somewhat a relief. The city has a wonderful ‘old town,’ where our hotel was located and we spent lots of time wandering around this part of the city. But, the highlight of our time in Seville was getting to see friends from Washington State, Jenny and Loch. The day we spent with them … Continue reading Seville


After spending a few days along the northeastern Spanish coastal region known as Costa Brava, we took the train to Barcelona for a couple days as a stopover on our way to Seville. The capital of the Catalonia region, much like elsewhere in the area, there were flags everywhere in support of seeking independence from Spain. It seemed every balcony had one flying. Even the language … Continue reading Barcelona


On our return trip to Budapest from Krakow, having driven through Eastern Slovakia, Erika and I decided to drive through the Western side. Our eventual destination, where we would stay the night, was the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, located just a stone’s throw from the Austrian border. Our thought was to be close enough to Budapest that we were only a short drive away from … Continue reading Čičmany

What Bulgaria is like for me.

The last five days we have been in Bulgaria, first in Sofia (the capital of the country) and now in a smaller city called Ruse (Rus-ah). After our long stretch in Greece (a little over 2 weeks), being in a new country feels strange. In Greece we had finally started to use some basic Greek words to communicate, and could recognize signage when we walked … Continue reading What Bulgaria is like for me.