It’s been nice to have a break and hangout by the seaside in Rabat this week. While I love my town and its people, escaping the heat for a bit is helping to renew my spirit. As volunteers, in order to better assimilate, we were prohibited from leaving our site for three months. Near the end of that time, it was difficult. Being prohibited from something … Continue reading Seaside


Morocco’s Southern Coast

First, let’s be clear, since I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding. There is an extensive coastline along Morocco’s most southern coast that, as of yet, I am not allowed to enter as a current Peace Corps volunteer. I want to visit Dakhla and Laayoune, insha’Allah, but I can’t. Not yet. So, this is not about the Moroccan/Western Sahara, rather this post is about … Continue reading Morocco’s Southern Coast


After three months in site, it was nice to head out for some away time. The three months of mandatory integration was fascinating and fulfilling. We met innumerable amazing people who brought us into their homes and offered us friendship. But, Morocco is a large and diverse country, so I’ve been chomping at the bit to see more of it. While Erika returned to site … Continue reading Essaouira

Al Hoceima

Sometimes, after roughing it in the desert, a guy just needs to get away and be spoiled. What better way to do that than cheaply, during off-season at a almost empty, but swanky hotel? Especially, when the weather has been unseasonably warm and lovely. When I checked in to the Mercure Hotel in Al Hoceima. I was the only tenant in the entire hotel. In fact, … Continue reading Al Hoceima


We stayed in a most lovely seaside town when we went to Portugal, called Albufeira!  Although the town center was quite touristic (catering to mainly British tourists from what we saw), outside of this area the town was charming and picturesque.  The beach was incredible, too–the sand is actually finely crushed shells which make it a lovely color and very soft to walk on.  Instead of booking a hotel, we … Continue reading Albufeira

Essaouira (الصويرة‎), Part 2

It’s only been eight months, but I’ve already been many places throughout Morocco. It is a beautiful country with tremendous variety in geography. Thus far, my absolute favorite place is the lovely coastal town of Essaouira. It has a nice blend of history and newness. One can just as easily wander the inner city or kite surf on the beach. It is both large city and … Continue reading Essaouira (الصويرة‎), Part 2

Here’s 10,000 words. No, not really.

That old adage about pictures being worth words?  In that spirit I will keep written words brief and share pictures of what I’ve done since my last post: I am back in town after a very fruitful week of In-Service Training (IST) with other Peace Corps Volunteers in Rabat.  Lots and lots of good information was shared by both Peace Corps staff and 2nd year … Continue reading Here’s 10,000 words. No, not really.

Beach Bound!

Tomorrow Thomas and I travel to Rabat for 10 days to attend the Peace Corps In-Service Training (IST).  The venue we are staying at is right next to the beach, and I am greatly looking forward to being near the ocean.  I can’t begin to explain how eager I am to dip my feet in the water, smell the sea air, and to be in … Continue reading Beach Bound!

Karpathos: Tour #1

Oh, what a day it has been! After a restful sleep last night we had a relaxing breakfast this morning before getting into the car to drive around the island. We made our way north for a bit, and then turned west to cross the island. What a gorgeous, enchanting, and generally remote place Karpathos is turning out to be! And there is land for … Continue reading Karpathos: Tour #1