The Golden Spiral as seen from above

Desert Sculptures Part One: Golden Spiral

Way out in the desert (seriously, it was a long, long walk), There are three desert sculptures, or art/home installations, built by German Artist, Hannsjörg Voth. From the town of Jorf, or sometimes El Jorf, it’s about a seven mile hike to the nearest piece. Then, it’s several miles between each of them. We thought we could do it all in one day, but we only … Continue reading Desert Sculptures Part One: Golden Spiral



After spending a few days along the northeastern Spanish coastal region known as Costa Brava, we took the train to Barcelona for a couple days as a stopover on our way to Seville. The capital of the Catalonia region, much like elsewhere in the area, there were flags everywhere in support of seeking independence from Spain. It seemed every balcony had one flying. Even the language … Continue reading Barcelona

Ksar Tayarza

A few days ago, I took another trip around the area to the old stomping ground of my friend, Slimane. Below are some images of Ksar Tayarza and surrounding area in which he grew up. This particular ksar is not as old as some of the others in the area, though it is still quite old. Unfortunately, much of it was damaged by flooding a number of … Continue reading Ksar Tayarza