Morocco’s Southern Coast

First, let’s be clear, since I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding. There is an extensive coastline along Morocco’s most southern coast that, as of yet, I am not allowed to enter as a current Peace Corps volunteer. I want to visit Dakhla and Laayoune, insha’Allah, but I can’t. Not yet. So, this is not about the Moroccan/Western Sahara, rather this post is about … Continue reading Morocco’s Southern Coast



Note: This post was begun months ago during the end of summer, but life became complicated so its final edits and publication were postponed again and again. Every week, it seems, I discover yet another amazing aspect of Morocco. Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve had a chance to explore the coastline south of Casablanca. I’ve wandered through open-air fish markets where … Continue reading Azemmour


Of all the national capitals I’ve visited, and there’s been more than a few, none has felt less like a capital than Lisbon, Portugal. Maybe all the various governmental offices are far away from the city center, or maybe they’re just less ostentatious than their European counterparts, but on the whole, the city felt more like a relaxed seaside port than a stiff place of state. … Continue reading Lisbon

Tangier, Tanger, Tanja, طنجة

Tangier, Tanger, Tanja (طنجة), whatever you call it, is a city full of intrigue and secret histories, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. Yet, despite our investigation and openness to experience, it was much like every other large city. To be fair, the mystique was surely exaggerated in the first place. As a literature and history buff, it’s easy for me to fall … Continue reading Tangier, Tanger, Tanja, طنجة


Along the southern French coast is a small town called Collioure that has an incredible castle, a huge Catholic cathedral, a small seaside chapel, and adorable little old town. Unfortunately, I missed the closing time by three minutes, so I was not able to go inside. Still, it was awe-inspiring. Below are photos of the town. Click to see larger versions. Continue reading Collioure