Teach Me English

Louis C. K. has an insightful comedic bit about being a white, middle-aged, English-speaking, American male. He discusses the uncomfortable intersection of guilt about having all the unearned privilege each of these identifiers offers him while simultaneously being grateful for having them. He admits that, if he was given the choice, he would certainly choose to have them again. Who wouldn’t? Why would one choose less power? … Continue reading Teach Me English


Our Fantastic Dar Chebab!

I thought I should give an update on what our CBT group has been doing at the local youth center—known in Morocco as a Dar (house) Chebab (youth).  Depending on the town or city one is in, a Dar Chebab can be either large or small, and the level of structured programs can vary from highly organized to quite informal.  The Dar Chebab in our town … Continue reading Our Fantastic Dar Chebab!