Spiš Castle

Yesterday, Erika and I drove from Budapest, Hungary to Kraków, Poland. Between the two metropoleis, lies the country of Slovakia, formerly joined with the Czech Republic as Czechoslovakia, but later splitting into two separate republics. Admittedly, we knew little about Slovakia, but since we were driving through it, we did some research. LonelyPlanet has this to say about Slovakia: No, it isn’t a province of the Czech … Continue reading Spiš Castle


Rupea Citadel

Erika likes to tease me that there are trigger words on brown road signs that she knows will spark my interest. Foremost among them is “fortification.” Anything big and old, I find fascinating. Yesterday, while driving from Sighișoara back to Brașov (this time via the highway) we past brown sign after brown sign that said “fortificata,” but we were on a timeline, so without a preview, it … Continue reading Rupea Citadel