Note: This post was begun months ago during the end of summer, but life became complicated so its final edits and publication were postponed again and again. Every week, it seems, I discover yet another amazing aspect of Morocco. Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve had a chance to explore the coastline south of Casablanca. I’ve wandered through open-air fish markets where … Continue reading Azemmour



“If only I could be in Africa and Europe at the same time… Oh, wait! I can! I can go to Melilla!” I’m a fan of the odd, the unusual, the out of the ordinary, but when you combine that with some history, I’m hooked to the point of obsession. North Africa, or alternatively the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, has seen its share of … Continue reading Melilla

Wim Wenders and Walter Benjamin

On our way home from the French countryside, we stopped by Portbou for a celebration honoring the memory of Jewish philosopher, Walter Benjamin, who, while attempting to elude the pursuing Nazis during World War II, committed suicide to avoid capture. While there, we caught a glimpse of award-winning German director, Wim Wenders. That’s him near the yellow molding in the photo on the right. Below are … Continue reading Wim Wenders and Walter Benjamin

First Prague, then Munich, then Home

I have put off writing a post over the last week. Partly because as our trip winds down I feel an increasing need to try and make our last days in Europe as worthwhile as possible: “No time to write, I’m afraid! I gotta go see X, Y and Z! And explore A, B and C! And eat L, M, N, O and P!” A … Continue reading First Prague, then Munich, then Home

Bucharest ROCKS!!

We arrived in Bucharest on Thursday afternoon, and as the bus entered the city I could feel, deep down at my core, that this city was completely, perfectly ‘me’. So much so that by the time we got to the apartment we are renting I had said to Tom several times that I wanted to move here someday. The vibe of this city is awesome. … Continue reading Bucharest ROCKS!!