Reason 1,242 Why I Love Morocco

Reason 1,242 Why I Love Morocco: Most neighborhoods, whether in a big city or small town, still adhere to a medina mentality, meaning most daily needs are within only a few blocks. Each small area typically has a butcher, a green grocer, a dry cleaner, a hammam, a baker (or community oven), a barber/hairdresser, at least four cafés, a pharmacy, hardware store, tailor, a dry … Continue reading Reason 1,242 Why I Love Morocco


Tangier, Tanger, Tanja, طنجة

Tangier, Tanger, Tanja (طنجة), whatever you call it, is a city full of intrigue and secret histories, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. Yet, despite our investigation and openness to experience, it was much like every other large city. To be fair, the mystique was surely exaggerated in the first place. As a literature and history buff, it’s easy for me to fall … Continue reading Tangier, Tanger, Tanja, طنجة