Volubilis, or وليلي‎ (Walily)

For those of you back home, here is a VERY brief overview of our trips to an amazing archaeological find. Take this information with a grain of salt, as they say, for I am not an expert. Consider this merely a solicitation for further exploration. It’s an ancient city just outside of the town of Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, located in the middle-north of Morocco. Based on … Continue reading Volubilis, or وليلي‎ (Walily)



Within Rabat, the capital of Morocco, are the remains of an ancient city called Chellah. Originally Phoenician and Carthaginian, then Roman, then Muslim, the ruins are fairly well-preserved. Eventually, the site became a cemetery, or necropolis, as the Muslims favored nearby Salé. The site also contains a lovely botanical garden and has become a favored site for local storks to make their nests. Below are … Continue reading Chellah

Out and About

Erika and I ventured out and about to explore the town. The weather, though overcast at times, was good for a long walk. We weren’t really looking for anything in particular; we just wanted to get out of the house. It was a day like any other day, complete with a runaway donkey.   We crested the hill behind the town and stopped to weigh our … Continue reading Out and About

Pamukkale Adventures

Today was our first full day in Pamukkale, Turkey. The name means “cotton castle” and it is famous for its travertine cliffs into which Romans, and others, built baths. For centuries, the Pamukkale waters have been seen as a therapeutic treatment for various ills and people migrate here from around the world to bath in the waters. Tourists used to be able to enter many … Continue reading Pamukkale Adventures