Volubilis, or وليلي‎ (Walily)

For those of you back home, here is a VERY brief overview of our trips to an amazing archaeological find. Take this information with a grain of salt, as they say, for I am not an expert. Consider this merely a solicitation for further exploration. It’s an ancient city just outside of the town of Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, located in the middle-north of Morocco. Based on … Continue reading Volubilis, or وليلي‎ (Walily)


Rupea Citadel

Erika likes to tease me that there are trigger words on brown road signs that she knows will spark my interest. Foremost among them is “fortification.” Anything big and old, I find fascinating. Yesterday, while driving from Sighișoara back to Brașov (this time via the highway) we past brown sign after brown sign that said “fortificata,” but we were on a timeline, so without a preview, it … Continue reading Rupea Citadel

Ephesus: Going waaaaaay back.

The last two nights we were in Selcuk, a town similar in size to Ayvalik (yes, I still miss Ayvalik and seem to want to compare everything to Ayvalik).  Selcuk is the gateway to the Ephesus (Efes) ruins. We stayed at a great place called Atilla’s Getaway, which is run by Atilla, a Turkish-Australian gentleman who proved to be an affable, knowledgeable host. For anyone planning to go … Continue reading Ephesus: Going waaaaaay back.