Bellu Cemetery

One day, Erika and I made the long walk across town to visit Bellu Cemetery. Located in southern Bucharest, it is a massive cemetery that houses many famous Romanians, such as writers, musicians, poets, generals, and politicians. It was gorgeous. In Your Pocket, Essential City Guides, describes it this way: Founded in the 1850s, this is Bucharest’s most historic cemetery, the final resting place of just … Continue reading Bellu Cemetery


Bulgarian Changing of the Guard

After the amazing chance encounter with the Greek soldiers demonstrating changing of the guard, I was excited to see if we could watch the Bulgarian changing of the guard. At the beginning of the video, the soldiers are coming out to change the guard. Their long stomping strides reminded me of toy soldiers with a hint of ballet technique. After changing the guard, the troop … Continue reading Bulgarian Changing of the Guard

Greek Changing of the Guard

Update: It turns out that what I observed was the Greek changing of the guard as happens at other governmental buildings. Soldiers, dressed in classic uniforms change station and some are positioned at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. As I was wandering around Athens yesterday, I noticed a strong military presence down one of the streets. There were riot control buses and many heavily … Continue reading Greek Changing of the Guard