Our hotel breakfast options are much different than typical American fare. Olives, cucumbers, feta, and Turkish tea are standard. Yet another reminder of how accustomed we become to routine. Below are images of breakfast at Ottoman Hotel Cağaloğlu.   Advertisements Continue reading Breakfast


Thrifting In Morocco

One of my favorite things about living in Morocco so far is the strong thrifting/reuse culture.  While one can certainly buy new clothes, household items, appliances and furniture, it’s just as easy to find used items, and much of the time the used items are better quality, perfectly functional, and cost much less than buying new.  And rather surprisingly, I often find things here that are made … Continue reading Thrifting In Morocco

Random Street Celebration

While walking to lunch with Erika and our new friend Catherine in Selçuk, Turkey, there came behind us the sound of honking car horns and music. At first, I thought it was young people garnering attention like I see so often at home, but as the procession came closer, I saw a boy dressed all in shimmering white. I remembered seeing a poster of a … Continue reading Random Street Celebration

Pamukkale Adventures

Today was our first full day in Pamukkale, Turkey. The name means “cotton castle” and it is famous for its travertine cliffs into which Romans, and others, built baths. For centuries, the Pamukkale waters have been seen as a therapeutic treatment for various ills and people migrate here from around the world to bath in the waters. Tourists used to be able to enter many … Continue reading Pamukkale Adventures

A Tour of Gallipoli (Gelibolu)

Admittedly, I knew very little about Gallipoli (Gelibolu in Turkish). The United States played a negligible role in that particular theater during World War I, so our history doesn’t pay it much mind. Most of what I know about its significance comes from the popular Australian ballad, And the band played Waltzing Matilda. The song is an account of the memories of an old Australian man, … Continue reading A Tour of Gallipoli (Gelibolu)