2014-09-05 13.42.07

Sometimes, beauty is at your feet.

During our time in Seattle, and as we become more accustomed to living without a car, Erika and I have begun to walk more.

Several of our journeys have been serious treks around Seattle that take most of the day and extend for many miles.The slower pace has been a nice reminder to slow down and see things in a different way. In the rush to our next appointment, to home after a long day, or to finally make it past that intersection, we miss simple, beautiful things – sometimes at our very feet.

2014-09-05 13.42.19

Found near Broadway East.

We are a car culture. We drive everywhere, it seems, and rarely walk anymore. When I had a car, not that long ago, it was not unusual for me to drive the four blocks to the grocery store or the five blocks to the bank. I rationalized it most often on the basis of time spent. Why would I spend time walking, I argued to myself, when I could take care of the task and return to what I was doing?

Drive-throughs (which I refuse to spell as “thru”) are ubiquitous. It’s as if we want to simply sit through life, never leaving our couches. We become more and more isolated while simultaneously becoming crowded closer and closer together. Anyway, below are some images of our meandering walk after brunch with some dear friends.

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