The Catalan separatist flag, the Estelada

After spending a few days along the northeastern Spanish coastal region known as Costa Brava, we took the train to Barcelona for a couple days as a stopover on our way to Seville. The capital of the Catalonia region, much like elsewhere in the area, there were flags everywhere in support of seeking independence from Spain. It seemed every balcony had one flying. Even the language was quite different and most public signage had both Catalan and Spanish phrasing.

Our stay in Barcelona was fantastic. It is a beautiful, modern city, with classic roots creating an interesting mix of old and new with the fanciful Gaudi buildings bridging the two. The tapas culture is a must to enjoy, as is the abundance of sangria for those hot days.

Below are photos of our journey around Barcelona. There are some duplicates because I couldn’t decide on edits. Your input would be welcomed.

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