Essaouira (الصويرة‎), Part 2

It’s only been eight months, but I’ve already been many places throughout Morocco. It is a beautiful country with tremendous variety in geography. Thus far, my absolute favorite place is the lovely coastal town of Essaouira.

It has a nice blend of history and newness. One can just as easily wander the inner city or kite surf on the beach. It is both large city and small medina (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) with a strong traditional feel while having access to most modern conveniences. And, it has a nice balance of tourists with fairly equal measures of Moroccans and visitors from elsewhere.

Unlike Marrakesh, with its aggressive tourist culture, while Essaouira has elements of it, it is far more subdues and less ubiquitous. Being near the ocean, it has a nice climate year around and never sees the intense heat we feel farther inland. If I were to remain in Morocco, this might just be the place for me.

It is an amazingly picturesque place, so here are more pictures. For a more detailed description and to see photos from my previous visit, click here.

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