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Erika and I ventured out and about to explore the town. The weather, though overcast at times, was good for a long walk. We weren’t really looking for anything in particular; we just wanted to get out of the house. It was a day like any other day, complete with a runaway donkey.


We crested the hill behind the town and stopped to weigh our options. I had an appointment to talk with some incredible local university men over equally incredible tea, so we couldn’t take too long. We decided to walk just a bit further — to the edge of town — to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Then, lo and behold, off to the right was what looked like a magnificent Roman aqueduct bridging the small stream that runs through town. We walked over for a closer look. It was in beautiful condition for its age and the surrounding landscape was even more gorgeous. We have been here for more than a month and no one had mentioned a pristine Roman aqueduct on the outskirts of town!

We explored the area for awhile then headed home. On a whim, we follow the trail leading over the hill near the aqueduct only to realize it afforded us spectacular views overlooking the town and the lush agricultural area in the distance. To our left, looking over the cliff-side and into the ravine below, was a top down view of an an ancient Roman bath (hmma). We had visited it a few weeks ago up close. There is a small hot spring below it proving warm water.

Though we could have sat and gazed for hours at the beauty before us, time was marching forward and we had other obligations. I am so very much in love with this little town.

Straight Chillin'

Straight Chillin’

On our way home, a neighborhood dog was just watching the world go by.

Oh, Morocco… you have captured my heart.

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