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Saint Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle (Pražský Hrad)

While in Prague, we visited Prague Castle. It is a massive complex perched atop a hill across the river and overlooks most of the city. Though not as elaborate or as well-organized as Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland, it was still impressive. The buildings were beautiful, especially the Saint Vitus Cathedral with its incredible Gothic architecture complete with gargoyle rain spouts looking eerily from above.

Connecting with icons.

Connecting with icons.

Prague is a city with many sculptures. They are everywhere throughout the older parts of the city – above doors, atop buildings, in city squares. Many of the bronze statues have a lovely brown patina that adds incredible depth to the piece. Some statues, especially ones with religious significance, the patina has been worn off from repeated touching. It’s quite lovely, actually. It looks like the statue is glowing from that area.

Boy statue with his penis aglow.

Boy statue with his penis aglow.

One statue, however, stood out from the rest. Near the toy museum, in the middle of a plaza, or square, was the statue of a thin, nude adolescent boy. The statue itself was nondescript other than its subject matter, but what made it interesting to us was the fascination other people had with it. People are weird.Tour groups would come through and invariably, people would take turns standing near it for photos, often touching the statue’s penis. Because of this, that particular region of the statue took on the same “glow” we had seen before.

Below is a collection of metatourism photos we took of people posing with and touching the statue. Click the “Load more” link to see more photos.

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