Rabat Zoo

Being the first day out of site in three months, especially in much cooler weather, it was a busy day. After visiting Chellah, Emilio and I took a trip to the Rabat Zoo, better known locally as Jardin Zoologique de Rabat. Despite some reservations I have about zoos in general, it was surprisingly nice. According to the taxi driver, it is fairly new. It is well-designed and the animals seemed well-cared for.

Though, as with so much in Morocco, there was a much more relaxed approach when interacting with animals. At feeding time for the leopards, the zookeeper casually walked toward the big cats calling to them, “aji, aji” (come), “hak, hak” (take), tossed them their raw chickens, then laid down in some nearby shade and waited for them to finish. Straight chillin’.

Anyway, below are some pictures from our trip.

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