Rain in Turkey? We’re down with that!

The weather during the first week of our trip has been hot and sunny, with yesterday being the most acutely hot.

In Eceabat before the Gallipoli tour

Meeting an Eceabat local before the Gallipoli tour

While touring Gallipoli on a large tour bus with Australian and New Zealanders (we were the only North Americans on the tour), the temperature reached 90 degrees. There were moments when getting off the bus to see the various monuments and memorial sites seemed really foolish. But we were committed to seeing it all! We would follow our guide, Hasan, to look at EVERY site, and take pictures accordingly!2014-09-16 13.50.26  Even though the history of Gallipoli is generally irrelevant to our own heritage! Still, it was a good day. And certainly the most ‘touristy’ of the tourist things we have done so far on our trip. Thomas and I agree that we won’t likely do more tours of this sort as it was a bit too formal and structured for our taste.

All that to say that today’s weather report predicts rain and thundershowers…how lovely! We are having breakfast at the hotel and watching the wind whipping through the trees outside. The impending rain feels like a perfect excuse to have a relaxed morning inside before catching a bus to Ayvalik at noon. Thomas and I are considering staying at this next destination for a longer stretch of days, as it is a good base for day trips to other locales.

One of many public art pieces--so gorgeous!

Canakkale public art–so gorgeous!

As we begin week two of our trip, it is clear that the tourist season is quickly winding down in Europe. Our hotel in Canakkale seems almost empty this morning, and the change in weather seems indicative that Fall is approaching. I think traveling off-season and to smaller towns will afford us a more relaxed and spontaneous journey in the weeks ahead. Or maybe not. Either way, it is nice to have some ‘West Coast’ weather arrive for a bit to give us a reprieve from the heat and sun.

Sending hugs to all!

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