Summertime, Moroccan Style

All the campers showing off their certificates!

All the campers showing off their certificates!

Today concluded the art camp I hosted for local kids over the last week, and we had a great end-of-camp party that included smashing a piñata open and eating lots of sweets.  The kids who attended the camp were quite sweet themselves—each day we did a different craft project and they always seemed engaged and open to learning new ways to express themselves through art.

Next week Thomas and I will help with a Peace Corps sponsored event on the north coast of Morocco.  We plan to stop over in Marrakesh on the way to this event to explore a bit (and stay in an air conditioned bed and breakfast!).  After next week’s event we will work at another summer camp that is also on the coast.  So, with some travel plans on the hot, hot horizon, life is quite well here!  And I must say it’s quite nice to have some structured work activities to focus on over the coming weeks.

Here are some pics from the art camp—enjoy!



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