The other day, we went for a lovely drive into the foothills of the lesser Atlas Mountains with our friend Khadija and her brother Said to acquire special water from a spring near a wonderful little village called Taghouchte (tah-ghroosht) that is nestled into an even lovelier oasis next to the mountains. I suppose there are innumerable places similarly wonderful within Morocco, but unique to this one, I think, are fish. Within the many irrigation canals, there are schools and schools of fish — some sort of trout, I assume — that live, breed, and presumably clean the water. Understandably, it is forbidden to harm or capture the fish, even though some were more than a foot (0.33 meter) long and would make an excellent meal!

If the fish were not enough, there are also hundreds of frogs — the first I’ve seen in Morocco — as well as hundreds of laden date palms, fig trees, and pomegranate trees. For those not in the region, or unfamiliar with southern Morocco, it is dry, very dry, so flora and fauna are relatively rare. To find such beauty, such greenery, in such concentrations reminds one of the world beyond the sand.

Below are some photos of our outing.

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