The End of the World

We recently traveled to the end of the world, or at least that’s what it might have felt like 500 years ago, and truth be told it felt a bit like that. Our recent travels in Portugal took us to Sagres, the most southeastern point in Europe and, strangely enough, the title of a song by The Tallest Man on Earth. The peninsula is historically strategic and various fortresses have held the ground over the years, though now it is strictly for tourists.

The southern coastline of Portugal, because of its composite soils, methods of erosion, and tremendous age are truly wonders to behold. The beaches are wonderfully soft, expansive, ubiquitous, and almost always surrounded by fantastic cliffscapes. Some of the more beautiful ones are just hidden gems mistakenly come across, while others are tourist destinations overrun with camera-laden vacationers like us.

Below are some of the more awe-inspiring ones we found. As is usual, there are some redundancies, but oh well.

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